" When you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today. "
- The Kohima Stone Memorial Epitaph

The battle of ...


Stories of bravery and selflessness from the conflicts of the last 150 years. From the forests of Europe to the jungles of Asia, from ice covered mountains to the bottom of the sea.

Animation · Drama In Development

FORMAT : 6×45´ Episodes per season – Returning   GENRE : 3D Animated adult war anthology
SHOWRUNNER & STORY DIRECTOR : Brendan Foley (the upcoming Sherlock’ s Daughter, Cold Courage, Inspector French and former war journalist)   CONCEPT & STORY WRITING : Sonam Shekawat (All Hail King Julien)   CG and FX DIRECTOR : Anthony LaMolinara  (Academy Award winning Visual Effects Director for Spider-Man 2 and nominee for Spider-Man, Stuart Little, Toy Story)  |  COPRODUCERS : NMR (UK) – Script2screen  |  MAIN COMMISIONNER : TBA