" Bruno's passion for quality entertainment and boundless enthusiasm have made working with him a joy. Hopefully "Jack Frost Tales" will be the first of many projects developed with him and delivered through Nucleus. "
- Neil Graham

Based on the bestselling picture book “THE TALE OF JACK FROST” by David Melling


The boy who magically adds the sparkle to the wonderland of every child’s winter.

For the first time in feature length animation, this film tells the story of how Jack Frost, who we all know, love and tell our children about on frosty mornings, came to be.

This is a story of an enchanted forest with perfect frosts, powdery snow, new friends, talking trees, warming Beezel hugs, snow beetle hunts and delicious worm juice surprise!

And if on cold winter mornings swirls of ice appear on your window. You know now that it’s because Jack Frost has flown by and left a little magic to keep you safe from goblins.

Animation · Feature Film In Development

FORMAT : 85′  |  GENRE : Animated Feature Film  |  TARGET CHILDREN AND FAMILY  |  DIRECTOR : Neil Graham (The Tigger Movie, Ducktales and Winnie the Pooh)  |  WRITERS TEAM: Bob Thomson (LEGO Bionicle, S-Club 7, Warhammer 40,000, The Four Princesses of Belville, LEGO Island), Ruth Palmer (Brave, Ratatouille), Chris Brown (Friends, South Park, What’s New, Scooby Doo and Keenan and Kel)  |  HEAD OF STORY / STORY BOARD DIRECTOR : Brendan Houghton (Slumdog Millionaire, Gravity, 127 Hours, Trance, Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Rush, Corpse Bride and Nanny McPhee Returns)  |  PREVISUALISATION & CG DIRECTOR : Nic Camecho (Beauty and The Beasts, Legend of Tarzan, Kingsman, Legend of Chima, 101 Dalmatians series)  |  DELIVERY : Q4 2023