" I go with the flow and I let things go and I laugh all I can. "
- Flow

Time to stand out in the crowd


What does the Big Bad W-O-L-F do, when he turns his life the other way round? He goes with the F-L-O-W. And lets things go and laughs all he can.

Wolf is Evil. Ferocious. The devious super villain of all beloved fairy tales. He is bad, he is really really bad.
Well, one fine day he gets tired of his image and makes a change : he travels across the world and lands in Goa where he learns to play ukulele and sings songs. He helps everyone along the way and makes new friends...but he still had to make amends.

He is scared but decides to go with the Flow. Flow? Hey, that´s a cool new name!

Flow returns to the village of the Little Red, the Three Little Pigs and the Seven Goats, which are now six, coz he ate one of them. To get a second chance. Be accepted as one of them. His redemption is called Fennik, his new best friend who is a little goat in a wheelchair. But just like Fennik doesn’t see Flow as a wolf, Flow doesn’t see Fennik as a kid in a wheelchair. They just see each other as best-friends who love music and who love to let things go.

Animation · Comedy In Development

FORMAT : 52 X 11′  |  GENRE : Diversity Comedy  |  TARGET : 7+  SHOW RUNNER : Ira Elshansky (WhitelandOrange Moo-cow)  |  CO-PRODUCERS : NMR (UK) – Diversity Studios (Russia)