" Your parcel is just a light-year away. "
- Felix

Between Space, Time and Matter, Delivery Matters the Most.


This show is about this super-duper advanced world where all sorts of inventions and discoveries have happened. Space travel has made the universe very small but these buggers have still not managed to invent teleportation so you still gotta deliver parcels. And these delivery agents(angels) are still as miserable as they are in today’s world. They do the most dangerous and yet the most thankless job in the galaxy. We all love to see the parcel on our door step and imagine it appeared there magically but the effort that goes into delivering that parcel is nothing short of an adventure.

The stories will revolve around the adventures of the space delivery guys who always “just” manage to deliver their parcel to any planet across the galaxy despite facing endless obstacles in a good for nothing spaceship along with a very limited skillset and powers. This team consists of Felix, a not so brave but smart captain of the ship, June, the badass, Zhim, the confused mechanic and Chim: the cute chef. They go to extreme lengths to ensure every parcel gets delivered, no matter what. And you can always forget to thank them.

Animation · Sci-Fi · Comedy In Development

FORMAT : 26 x 11′  |  GENRE : Sci-Fi Comedy  |  TARGET : 9+  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER : Sonam Shekhawat  |  WRITER : Sonam Shekhawat  CO-PRODUCERS : NMR (UK) – Script2screen (India)