" This is a new take on the ‘good versus evil’. There’s no angels or devils, heaven or hell. The ‘paranormal’ is the enemy here and humanity is its own worst enemy. Complacency and 21st-century distractions are man-made weapons we are willingly handing over to any dark force that wants to use them against us. But it’s not too late. "

– Dean Wilkinson

Dark Horror Comedy For Young Adults


The Universal, the force of nature that binds and protects every living thing on Earth, is threatened: a new time of paranormal darkness is coming. Ínvoked by Mobius, a dying insane old man and his Spirit Guides, The Miasma Horrificana will spread fear and superstition so fast we won’t have time to look up from our cell phones until it’s too late. Unless Morgan, Kimmy, Terry, and Hopkins, four Psychomaniacs, join forces to stop them. These supernaturally enhanced young misfits have astonishing battle abilities, a sixth sense for danger and a heightened awareness of all things paranormal. Four youngsters...or maybe five?

Daniel is a famous YouTube psychic sensation that ends up hunted by the Spirit Guides, and also by the crew of Psychomaniacs, after his charlatanism causes a public tragedy. Daniel has nowhere left to run. When the murder of his parents ignites his Psychomania, he is offered a second chance. Will he take up the crusade to defeat Mobius and the Spirit Guides and stamp out the supernatural threats of the Miasma?


FORMAT : 6 × 48´ Episodes per season – 3 Seasons  |  GENRE : Dark Horror Comedy  |  CREATOR : Dean Wilkinson (CBBC’S Stupid, Disney’s Mickey’s Castle of Illusion, Sony’s Little Big Plan)  |  SHOWRUNNER : Jason Bourque (The Fixer, Insomnia, Drone)  |  PRODUCER : NMR (UK)  |  EXPECTED DELIVERY : Q4 2022  |  MAIN COMMISSIONER : TBA