" I love working with Nucleus because it’s a refreshing and exhilarating experience. They only work with the best, so it’s quite a compliment. "
- Dean Wilkinson

Even the dead don't get out alive


Enter a dark, comedic, provocative and unique world where the vengeful dead are getting stronger. A decrepit, dying evil is clawing its’ way back to bring about the new Dark Ages with only the emotionally damaged, supernaturally enhanced Psychomaniacs, recruited by the infamous Witchfinder General, who can stop them! With a crew like this...even the dead won’t get out alive...

Drama · In Development

FORMAT : 6×48´ Episodes per season – 3 Seasons  |  GENRE : Dark horror comedy
CREATOR : Dean Wilkinson (CBBC’S Stupid, Disney’s Mickey’s castle of illusion, Sony’s Little big plan) SHOWRUNNER : Jason Bourque (The Fixer, Insomnia, Drone)   PRODUCER : NMR (UK)   EXPECTED DELIVERY : Q4 2022  MAIN COMMISIONNER : TBA