Our Vision

Nucleus Media Rights was founded from the shared vision of Bruno Zarka, media industry veteran and entrepreneur & Investor Anoop Mohan.

Our vision is built on an original ecosystem which makes our business approach entirely unique. We aspire to control the complete production chain from IP conception/acquisition to the delivery of completed media content, including the rights management and monetization. Nucleus Media Rights is also engaged in international distribution.

As a Global Studio, we know that the competition is fiercer than ever but we trust the general audience and its thirst for quality original programming. Identifying and nurturing original IP’s cannot happen by chance. We strongly believe that a good story deserves the best professionals, hence we’re picking our partners carefully, and scouting for the best talents and production teams. We trust our skills and track record in content scouting, production, distribution, acquisition, programming, and scheduling 360-degree IP monetization. And, we love mixing these assets with a strong touch of intuition.