" Working with Nucleus is like a breath of fresh air; Their openness to creativity and global inclusiveness assures me that developing Muriel's Murals with them is definitely the right choice. "
- Rebecca Morton



Have you ever thought you are not doing what you aree meant to be doing? Have you ever felt there is a lot more going on in the universe than you have been told about? If so, does it make you feel empty inside? Like there is something mega-cool going on somewhere and you are not invited? Well… 13-year-old Jean Peters is about to get that invite.

Jean, her best friend Gary (13), along with an orb cop named Muriel, a talking aardvark called Dali, and a supernatural mischief making Wazzock, invite us all along for an enthralling, mystifying, paranormal ride where you do not expect the unexpected, you unexpect the expected! This is the world of Muriel’s Murals. Come on in.

Animation · Comedy · Adventure In Development

FORMAT : 26 x 22′ Episodes per season – Returning  |  GENRE : Live Action & CGI Fantasy Comedy  |  TARGET : Tweens & Family  SCREENWRITER : Dean Wilkinson (CBBC’S Stupid, Disney’s Mickey’s Castle of Illusion, Sony’s Little Big Plan)  CO-CREATORS : Rebecca Morton (EastendersTeletubbiesDIRECTOR : Romain Rios (www.romainrios.com)