" It's my Dharma to find the book and get it back to Kishkindha. "

– Kapish

The epic journey of  a young prince to save his hidden Kingdom and our world


A millennium old, technologically advanced, visually spectacular hidden Kingdom from the “Ramayan” era is the safe keeper of the book, “The book of Ravana”, which holds secrets to immense power. The book and the secret falls in the hands of the modern evil villain who now threatens the very survival of the contemporary world as we know it. The young prince, Kapish the heir to the ancient hidden Kingdom now has to step out into an unknown world... experiences love, betrayal, and evil before becoming the saviour of both the worlds...

“Kishkindha” is a tale of two worlds coming together after thousands of years in a visual extravaganza of immense scale...


FORMAT : 10 × 45´  |  GENRE : 3D Animated Mythology & Fantasy  |  TARGET : Teenagers+  | CREATOR & LEAD WRITER : Sonam Shekhawat (All Hail King Julien, Chhota Bheem)