Kingfountain’s distinctive use of magic places it firmly on its own footing as a TV-worthy property. Magic is reminiscent of The Force whilst the Espions are precursors to the MI6 in Ian Fleming’s James Bond world. Just like the poisoners who also carry a license to kill. Spies and assassins all rolled into one. "

– Morgan Gendel

A Magical Fantasy Series


In a magic-filled Kingdom brimming with swordplay, spies and super-powers, the vengeful King Severn abducts 8-year-old Owen Kiskaddon from his parents as punishment for their sedition, but Owen escapes death by duping the King into believing he can foretell the future. From then on Owen’s very real magical abilities are only a fraction of what people believe he can do – and what is expected of him. It’s a large burden to carry – but letting it go could lead to his death. As he climbs the rungs of a magic-filled Kingdom he encounters fellow Fountain-blessed, both good and evil, each with a unique and powerful magical ability. He ultimately learns it is his destiny to oppose the vengeful King Severn and become the hero people believe he truly is.

Based upon the Wall Street Journal best-selling fantasy novels series from Jeff Wheeler having sold over 2.5M books worldwide.


FORMAT : 8×45´ Episodes per season – Returning  |  GENRE : Family Fantasy  |  CREATOR & SHOWRUNNER : Morgan Gendel (Star Trek: The Next Generation, The 100, Dresden Files, Law & Order)  |  VISUALISATION : Anthony LaMolinara (Academy Award winning Visual Effects Director for Spider-Man 2 and nominee for Spider-Man, Stuart Little, Toy Story)  |  MAIN COMMISSIONER : TBA