" I don't 'believe' in diversity, I 'live' in diversity. Since coming to London from Japan, I am enjoying living in this multicultural community and I feel I am part of it.  My artworks often reflect my passion for celebrating this diversity. We are all different, and we are one at the same time. Nucleus Media Rights hold the same values as I do. The team Anna Lou & Friends is definitely diverse and inclusive (female led, members from all around the world).  I feel I am part of it, and I can be the best of myself because of it. "
- Sonoko Obuchi · Graphic & Painting Artist
Co-creator of upcoming Anna Lou & Friends series

 " Come as you are, as life taught me. And bring your story and whole universe with you. Our mission is to give you a home. And a stage to your talent. "
- Isabelle Pechou · NMR

" I have never thought about diversity and inclusion much because growing up I never realized that people are different. I always felt all of us are exactly the same, all of us are humans and the only thing that sets us apart from others are our “Karm” also known as Karma or deeds. So, if all of us are the same and only our Karm are diverse, then diversity is not related to humans but our Karma. I come from a country that is known for unity in diversity, nucleus feels like my country, my home. "
- Sonam Shekhawat · NMR

" Every individual needs and deserves unconditionally, as of universal right, the same respect, opportunity and support from every other individual and organization. We fully embrace this principle at work and in our personal lives. How else could it be. "
- Alan Rudoff · NMR

 " Creativity should be embraced regardless of gender, colour, creed, nationality or age and  Nucleus fulfils this fundamental criteria, which is a breath of fresh air for artists like myself. "
- Rebecca Morton · Murals Artist & Set Designer
Co-creator of Muriel's Murals

" Diversity and Inclusion are about giving respect to every human being, no matter our differences. Diversity brings the capability of different perspectives of ideas, informed decision making with different views. At NMR, we embrace D&I resulting us to deliver a unique content to audiences. "
- Anoop Mohan
Managing Partner