" I don't 'believe' in diversity, I 'live' in diversity. Since coming to London from Japan, I am enjoying living in this multicultural community and I feel I am part of it.  My artworks often reflect my passion for celebrating this diversity. We are all different, and we are one at the same time. Nucleus Media Rights hold the same values as I do. The team Anna Lou & Friends is definitely diverse and inclusive (female led, members from all around the world).  I feel I am part of it, and I can be the best of myself because of it. "
- Sonoko Obuchi

" Most of us are made of local and immigrants encounters, deep rooted in ancestral beliefs or no beliefs at all bustled in crowded cities looking for happiness and sometimes love sweating to get a perfect life or a less despicable self. Adoring your family or trying to flee from one. Not to mention the 1000 nuances in between and all around… Come as you are, as life taught me. And bring your story and whole universe with you. Our mission is to give you a home. And a stage. "
- Isabelle Pechou