" This show is a marvellous opportunity for me to develop a ground-breaking series, delving into the zeitgeist of ecological issues and incorporating them into a thrilling drama. "

– Marnie Paxton-Harris

Ecological Contemporary Thriller

Beasts of Eden

The bodies of endangered animals are appearing inexplicably all over the world. A herd of elephants strewn across Trafalgar Square, giraffes drowned in the Norwegian sea, whale carcasses piled in the middle of a desert. The world is shocked and frightened.

Eden, an investigator for a wildlife crime unit is forced to reconnect with her troubled past to investigate these brutal events.

With the help of conservationist-turned-animal trafficker Salomon, she must leave the safety of her work and delve into the criminal world to search for answers. Eden starts to notice patterns in nature, patterns beyond human control. What if these events are more than criminal?


FORMAT : 8×52´ Episodes per season – 3 Seasons  |  GENRE : Ecological thriller  |  CREATORS & WRITERS : Christopher Anastasi (Annie waits, Madness in the Method) and Jesse Allam (children’s story Elliot and the Enormous Sneeze)  |  PRODUCER : Marnie Paxton-Harris (Annie waits, The Aeronauts, Electric Dreams, War Book, Peaky Blinders)  |  PRODUCER : NMR (UK)  |  EXPECTED DELIVERY : Q4 2022  |  MAIN COMMISSIONER : TBA