Out of the darkness of the Middle Ages, a young woman emerges whose spirit is so pure to defy all conventions.
An unassuming girl, Joan de Sainte Baume, from a small village in France will discover that she has been gifted with unique abilities beyond mortal capabilities.
Joan will become a lightning rod as the news of this extraordinary girl spreads. She will come under the crosshairs of the Inquisition and Father Christopher who must dispatch this threat. In Florence, the manipulative Matteo Gatti has grandiose designs as he wants to be the power to dominate Florence. He sees the girl, and her powers, as means to tip the scales in his direction.

However, that darkness that overwhelms the world is pierced by Joan de Sainte Baume, a young woman who is the barer of light. She is a strong, magnetic and a spiritual figure capable of rallying the people, both common and noble to her side. She is protected by a faction of Templars willing to die for what they believe is the true guardian to the Gates of Heaven.

As Joan’s notoriety and influence expands, the Vatican, The Empire and Matteo Gatti will attempt to use her as a pawn to further their respective ambitions. Thrust into the center of conflict by these greedy men, they will discover that Joan is above temptation and will become the ultimate threat against the Kingdoms of Men.

The series is constructed with historically referenced material but mixed with a measured dose of fictionalised characters and story-lines.

The series is constructed with 8 episode per season, spanning 3 + seasons. It takes us from the assassination of Emperor Fredrick the II, to the defeat of his family at the hands of the French King and ally of the Vatican.

Through the arc of the story, Joan de Sainte Baume and Matteo Gatti are the flash-points and catalysts on which our world is built.

An extraordinary young woman fights the Holy Inquisition.
  • FORMAT 8 x 48' Episodes per Season
  • STATUS: Bible - Pilot Script available